Have questions about our services? Here you can find answers to KRB Executive Services' frequently asked questions.


Where is KRB Executive Services located?

We are located in the Richmond, VA area. However, we do not have a physical business location. All services are booked online and performed virtually.


How do I get started?

Schedule a consultation call to discuss your business needs and how we can help you "organize the chaos".  We'll walk you through each step to make sure you get the assistance you need.


How much do the services cost?

Services prices range from $275 - $1800 per month. Contact us for custom packages.


Help! My coupon code is not working.

Call or email us and we'll be happy to apply it to your service.


How do I get in touch with KRB Executive Services?

You can reach us on the Contact Us page, the chat button, by email, or by phone (during business hours).


What are your business hours?

Our hours are Monday - Friday  10:00 AM to 5:30 PM.


what is your Unused Hours and cancellation policy for service plans?

Please note that unused hours do NOT roll over to the next month. Once hours are used up, you have the option to upgrade to the next package or be charged my hourly rate of $35 per hour. To discontinue services, client must cancel at least 48 hours before renewal date. If client cancels after the renewal (up to 4 days), they may request a partial refund of 75% of total charge. After 4 day period, client may request a refund of 50% of total charge.

Richmond, VA

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